Grant Award from AllOne Charities to Expand Nurse’s Pantry

Grant Award from AllOne Charities to Expand Nurse’s Pantry

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United Way of Susquehanna County Receives Grant Award from AllOne Charities to Expand Nurse’s Pantry

(New Milford, PA-September 24, 2019) – United Way of Susquehanna County is proud to announce its partnership with AllOne Charities to fund the school-based Nurse’s Pantry program in Susquehanna County. The Nurse’s Pantry provides school nurses with funding for essential items for students which their families may not be able to afford and can result in those children missing valuable class time.

The Nurse’s Pantry was piloted in 2018 in the Susquehanna Community School District and has now been introduced to all school districts in Susquehanna County with a goal of reducing chronic absenteeism among at risk children in our community.

If children miss school, they can’t learn, grow, and succeed,” said Bill Jones, CEO of United Way of Susquehanna County. “Students in need often miss valuable school time because they don’t have appropriate school clothes, hygiene products or other basic needs. The Nurse’s Pantry will provide those items and keep children in the classroom and learning, which then gives them a better chance of success in school and in life.”

United Way of Susquehanna County was recently awarded a $5,000 grant from AllOne Charities, which allowed The Nurse’s Pantry to be expanded to the Blue Ridge, Elk Lake, Mountain View, Montrose Area, and Forest City Regional School Districts in addition to Susquehanna Community School District. Approximately 4,700 students will now have support from The Nurse’s Pantry.

AllOne Charities invests in solution-based programs that are innovative, creative and collaborative to improve the health and welfare of the people of Northeastern and North Central Pennsylvania,” said John Cosgrove, Executive Director, AllOne Foundation. “United Way of Susquehanna County’s Nurse’s Pantry was one of twelve selected of 66 applicants for AllOne Charities funding. Supporting the simple concept of providing school nurses, who have frequent contact with at risk children, with the basics to keep students in class and learning truly made sense, and we thought it was important for AllOne Charities to be part of this initiative.”

The Nurse’s Pantry offers supplies including lice kits, clothing (socks, shoes, undergarments, shirts, pants, hats, gloves, coats), and hygiene products as well as the resources to obtain items like prescription eyeglasses, School nurses can immediately address unique student needs and solve problems resulting in a reduction in absenteeism and parents missing work.

United Way and AllOne Charities believe this program will be well received and will support families who are unable to cover unexpected, unbudgeted costs and will help children stay on track academically. To learn more about United Way of Susquehanna County visit and AllOne Charities at


  •  Front row left to right: Matt Button-Blue Ridge School; Bill Jones, Kim Merithew-United Way of Susquehanna     County; Kendra Griffiths-Elk Lake School;John Cosgrove-AllOne Charities; Melody Haley-Mountain View     School, Elizabeth Matis-Susquehanna Community School; Karen Voigt-Mountain View School
  •     Back row left to right: Emily Perkins-Montrose School; Charlene McGraw-Forest City School.